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Fresh from ebbf's annual conference: a co-created UNITY Manifesto

During the course of ebbf's 32nd annual conference #ebbfunity , entirely dedicated to the topic of Unity, participants from around the globe and with a wide diversity of sectors and ages represented, co-created this document that summarise some of the key elements of unity that arose from the event:

"In order for UNITY to occur, we need to believe it is possible, acknowledging our oneness and recognizing our interdependence.

We need to be our authentic self, conscious of our biases and privileges, inspiring and educating every member of the human race, continuing to make space for each of us to grow.

We must "see" one another in our uniqueness. We must "speak" with each other though heartfelt, nurturing, meaningful conversations. We must "act" with joy, humility and respect, working for the betterment of society.

Whenever we stumble and lose ourselves, UNITY can enable us to call for help, regain balance, get back up, identify what we need, redirect our goals and move forward with a clear head and open heart. Supporting each others, expressing gratitude and appreciating our solidarity.

Through UNITY we can address the complex challenges of our time, and eliminate deeply engrained injustices and inequalities. Shift to a new paradigm, change the rules of society and generate new solutions, by realizing a vibrant, interconnected, fulfilling, and happier way of life. Ultimately inviting us to develop our full potential as individuals, and grow as a more understanding community.

UNITY in our organizations can be achieved by pursuing a common purpose with the belief that we are stronger together when we invite our full selves and embrace our diversities, re- think the meaning of work and see it as an act of worship. By acknowledging our nobility, our oneness, and practicing selflessness, compassion, and consultation, we can redefine how we measure success, establish new priorities and address our mutual needs, to become agents of change.

UNITY gives us the strength to unleash the potential of all people, by developing our virtues of love, peace, and resilience, enabling us to see new possibilities with clarity, and co-create a different reality, in a nurturing and supportive environment that invites us all to meaningfully engage and voice our truth."

In the image below is (part of) the group that co-created this manifesto of intention, attitude and actions.

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