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Farid Saffar on the latest ebbf meaningful breakfast in Geneva: what is sustainable wealth?

GENEVA – Farid reports of the latest successful “ebbf meaningful breakfast” organized by ebbf’s chapter in Geneva. During these informal monthly events an invited speaker sparks a mindful conversation amongst the participants creating lively and useful conversations. The spark this time was offered by Arthur Dahl, President of the International Environment Forum, a governing board member of ebbf, who has worked on sustainability for more than 40 years including as a consultant to the WorldEconomic Forum and the World Bank. He introduced the concept of sustainable wealth.

The room was filled with participants, 6 of which were new comers, who attend this event and exchanged ideas on the topic. The conversation was directed towards the dynamic process of sustainability and economy and how the failure of traditional economics originates the need of integrating new concepts of wealth and new social purposes into our business models and our individual lives.

There was also time to talk about starting a regular activity in Basel so that passionate driven individuals wouldn’t need to actually drive a total of 6 hours to participate in a meaningful activity as one of the participants did.

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