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Ever wanted to create your ‘Dream enterprise’?

Have you ever wanted to create your own “dream enterprise”? The kind of company that could satisfy both of your aspirations: an enterprise that pays your bills AND has a positive impact on society; or to use ebbf’s own vision statement “contributes towards a prosperous, just and sustainable civilization”?


ebbf has just launched a new tool that aims to respond to this frequently mentioned aspiration.

An initial core group of individuals Jahan Tavangar, Eva Yazhari have already offered “creating your dream enterprise” as a very successful workshop during the last ebbf annual learning event. Jahan brings his experience as a very successful entrepreneur first setting up his traditional business and most recently setting up the Coffee For Water social enterprise following the Haiti earthquake. Eva brings her experience in social venture capital and investing.

Now, supported by Daniel Truran, they have decided to put their experience at your service to help you through the first steps of moving that “dream enterprise” into reality. This core team will be assisted by a group of mentors with specific knowledge and experience in areas you will need to develop in order to set up a successful, values-driven, socially useful organization.

We are now looking for: PROJECTS that we can help make a reality and MENTORS who are willing to assist budding or experienced entrepreneurs develop their social enterprise.

We specifically invite anyone interested in using this new ebbf tool to the inaugural “ebbf meaningful hangout” dedicated to “creating your dream enterprise”.

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