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Enjoy episode 19 of ebbf's Discovering How podcast series

In Episode 19 of ebbf's #DiscoveringHow podcast series, Dhairya pujara CEO of Ycenter interacted with Martina Crepaz and a very global audience on some of the key questions that determined and still guide his life and quest to be a meaningful, impactful, effective entrepreneur.

In this episode of the #52MinutesToYourMeaningfulCareer series we had a record number of nations connected from Paraguay, Brazil, Canada, USA, Germany, Australia (in the early hours of the morning!) , Spain and Italy. Hosted by Martina Crepaz the rich interaction with Dhairya Pujara allowed us to better understand challenges and mindsets that lead to more successful and impactful enterprises.

ebbf's Discovering How podcast allows you to be part of the personal experiences and insights from ebbf members, people from around the world living their strong sense of mission in their workplace. In each episode we offer you stepping stones, fresh ideas, personal learnings of people who believe that ethical business can and should build the future.

ENJOY AT : Or search ebbf on your favourite podcast app. This Podcast episode was edited and produced by #ebbfmember Michael Zollner.


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