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#ebbfspirit – would you to present at ebbf’s next international event?

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS Inspired by the Universal House of Justice’s letter of the 1st of March 2017 this event does not aim to create definitions of what a spiritual enterprise is, instead we will look for WHYs and HOWs.

We are looking for speakers able to share WHY today the concept of the spiritual enterprise is more relevant than ever before and HOW we can take steps towards implementing useful spiritual principles and behaviours to improve our workplaces and organizations. We are looking for inspiring contributors for keynotes and learnshops to fuel a transformative ebbf kind of event. Whether you wish to contribute some thoughts on the practical application of how ethical business can build the future transitioning to the spiritual enterprise or bring new perspectives to inspire participants, we would be delighted if you could come and exchange your views with other forward-thinking, action-oriented individuals.

DEADLINE FOR SENDING YOUR PROPOSAL OR FORWARDING TO ANOTHER POTENTIAL SPEAKER: 29th June 2017 All proposals will be reviewed by a panel and we will let you know the outcome by email by mid July.


#ebbfspirit #spiritualenterprise

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