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#ebbfnews : actions, stories, how to co-create the future with ebbf members

Progress post-COP26 is well below what is necessary.

Want to be part of ebbf's own global systems accounting as a radical solution to drive #sustainability in the right direction and speed? Check out #ebbfnews

Featuring Arthur Dahl , new ebbf member May Mowzoon 's effort that helped have her company Intel win the award for the top Fortune 200’s company in terms of commitment to religious inclusion. We will soon create an opportunity for you to interact with May on ways to make your Faith not a hindrance but a positive capital for unity and motivation.

Announcing the next two #MeaningfulCareer LIVE sessions with Marc Rivers and Emily Chew hosted by Martina Crepaz and Jean Parker Ph.D.

Also featuring the work of ebbf's learning team in having the new global systems accounting project take off:

Biodiversity and Carbon groups - Nabil Elias

Health indicators - Sara DeHoff

Knowledge and Education - Nan Chen

Spiritual Capital - Alain Noghiu & Arthur Dahl

Minimum Living Standards (Wealth) - Philippe Gerling

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