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#ebbfLondon participant: Why should we influence our work and world?

UK – President of AIESEC City London, #ebbfLondon participant, “Since I am 16 I have contributed a large amount of my time and efforts trying to making this world a little better.  In return many people and experiences have made my own world a little better. I believe that positivity is a cycle and that the positivity I will get in contact with through the event will impact others through me at a later point” – this is how Sebastian answered the question:

‘Why should we influence our work and world?’. He is very eager for the event as he hopes to exchange exciting thoughts with new people and to interact with the content and the ideas that will spark him for action for a constructive life that he considers to be built on curiosity, empathy and strategy. “I believe in everybody’s responsibility to make this world a better place by positively impacting those that surround us. Throughout the last years I have dedicated all my efforts to AIESEC, an organisation striving for peace and fulfilment.”

Sebastian Trenckmann

Registration are still open!

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