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#ebbflisbon – Vafa Akhavan: The true seeker

Vafa Akhavan, CEO of CEO Forum, opened the Ebbf conference in Lisbon with a keynote presenting his journey through organizational theory and personal transformation. His thesis is that people can improve organizations by becoming seekers. Seekership is the genoma of organizations and where it’s present it will transform the organization. In his personal journey he learned that back-biting is a cancer, prejudice is a virus, he is nothing but he is everything and many other things. Human capital is the greatest capital and has multiple relationships with many aspects of the business, it expresses itself with organizational structure. He reached the conclusion that the person is the most common denominator in all things. His struggle was between being the center of the universe and not being even dust. He told that his learinings came from the Writings of the Baha’i Faith: the trasformative experience was the Tablet of the True Seeker, describing the Seven Valleys. The true seker “hunteth naught but the object of his quest”. Are some unique attributes that trasform what we do? They are the qualities of the seeker: answers, profitability, integrity, justice, trutth, fair, and many more. The Tablet of the True Seeker is the catalyst that impact every aspect of life. The ideal qualities are rely upon and trust in God, detachment from the world of dust, never seek to exalt self above others, don’t promise what you can’t deliver, cleanse the channel of human soul. Perfect cleanliness of the heart, poor in material wealth, douts and misgiving dissipated, enveloped with knowledge, and, last but not least, a news eye, a new ear, a new heart and a new mind. The seeker impact the organization and the organization impact the seeker: interdepence is created. One seeker can change the world.

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