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#ebbfaward – share your story of #ebbfdiversity and win 3 free tickets to ebbf annual conferen

Share here on the event’s facebook page your ideas and the three best contents will be awarded a free ticket and be featured at ebbf’s annual conference taking place 4th to 7th of May 2017 in Geneva, dedicated to the theme: how can ethical business build the future, going beyond diversity?

We ask you: What does diversity mean to you? What opportunities and challenges does diversity bring to your life? How do you go beyond diversity to create unity and why?you could win one of three free tickets to ebbf’s annual conference by posting UNTIL 22nd MARCH your ideas, articles, images about the theme of ebbf’s annual conference.

Just as importantly we hope that the ideas you will share and read will help us create dialogues and a better understanding of the many layers and possibilities of diversity.


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