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#ebbf25 – The science and spirituality of unity and collaboration

Arthur Dahl, explored two aspects of unity and collaboration: from the science and the spirituality perspective. Life depends on unity and collaboration: the human body is a model of unity, ecology is about unity and collaboration, dictyostelium, coralreef, cleaner fish, clownfish and anemone are  examples of unity and collaboration too. System thinking (cycles for sustainability, participation, long term vision) requires and contributes to collaboration. On the spirtual Baha’i point of view we have unity through social justice, oness of humanity, unity in diversity. Wealth is a tool for unity and its acquisition should be governed by the requirements of justice. Unity requires and alternative to the consumer society and an organic transformation of society is needed. Dignity, people, prosperity, planet,  justice and partnership are the six esential element of the report of the Secretary General of United Nations. The sustainable development goals identify 17 actions. The UN process is essentually top-down but the SDG need to be appropriated by individuals. Sustainability is the path to empowement to build a society based on collaboration and reciprocity.

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