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#ebbf25 – Tales from the city – Unity, collaborative leadership and culture

Michael Spiegel and Ralph Blundell, offered the first Friday afternoon keynote. They met in 2008, starting to work together: Michael was one of Ralph’s cutomers.

Michael’s challenges were turning around the disfunctional team and surviving to the functional team.

They found the same common ground in values and it resulted in a good experience. There was a high level of unity.

They defined values, without communicating them, and they started to behave on them. Mutual accountability was another component nneded fot a high performing team. Resistance and disagreement foster unity.

“We need to have a mix of leadership styles, authority is not always bad”, Michael says, “it can foster people to colaboration.”, Ralph explained, “Focus does generate results”.

“It is useless to have teamwork without an objective, some pressure is needed”, Michael concluded.

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