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#ebbf25 – Giuseppina Cuccurullo shares her conference experience


“My personal experience was exceptional” – she says – “I had the chance to meet people with my same interest, coming back home with lots of ideas to implement in my business and refresh my mind.”

After her first Global Event experience, one year ago, she started to get involved in ebbf as a very proactive member. When asked about the reason why she decided to invest her energy in ebbf development, she answered “I believe that such a great organization can impact a lot in the business world evolution”

She partecipated to the last conference, held in Lisbon. “It had two aims for me, for the role I have in ebbf, I wanted to get in touch with newcomers to support their integration in the conference, learn from the speakers in order to get insights for the development plan of the organization and start to communicate to the community the importance to get involved in it. As a Young entrepreneur, I had the chance to participate to the market place  session and talk about my social business DreamingFuture, getting lots of useful feedback from the participants.”

She will be in Barcelona for the 25th anniversary global event and she is enthusiast about it: “I will be in Barcelona to promote the opportunitites to get involved in the organization, lead the Host Program, support the Event itself but most of all I will be there to connect with the huge number of participants coming from all over the world.​ I would say that whenever you are looking for a mindful community, you are living a transitional moment in your life, you want to start a business socially impacting, this is a good place to start with.​”

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