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#ebbf25 – Building meaningful organizations through purpose-driven communications

Sonia Ruiz, CEO of Noima, a meaningful communication agency, in her afternoon keynote focused on building meaningful organization through porpose-driven communications in a new context characterized by new challenges like climate change, refugees and migrants crisis, inequality, new power dynamics, digital revolution, the empowerment age. We have new societal demand, summarized in the sustainable development goals. Organizations need to be responsible to all the stakeholder: share purpose, shared value. New roles and new actors are emerging, e.g. B Corporations.

If you want to create meaningful organization you must find out who you are. Sonia has  lived for 18 years in Greece leaning ampathy and humilty, attitude and determinarion, capacity to tolerate uncertainty, tri-sector experience, problem solving skill, multi-stakeholder approach. She also realized that true and meaningful collaboration appears when there is shared purpose and that co-creatiin and sharing are essential.

The main mission of purpose-driven communication is to transform, not to inform. To do that is necessary to unleash the purpose of the organization: people connect with you on the why, not on the how.

“Many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world.” (E.Galeano)

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