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ebbf Basel – Meaningful breakfast on Leadership Development with social impact

An amazing ebbf breakfast on Leadership Development with social impact, organized by organized by Marc Rivers and Gundhild Hoenig of ebbf Basel, took place in Basel last week, on Thu 22nd October, reaching the record in the number of participants since the ebbf breakfast series in Basel has been launched: 22 people has been involved, including 2  highly professional AIESEC representatives, Alessia Balducci –  Vice President Business Development, AIESEC Switzerland – and Dyego Oliveira – Vice President Outgoing Exchange, AIESEC Switzerland – and the ebbf members Kami Lamakan from England and Vafa Akhavan from US and, last but not least, the Basel people.

“From answers to questions: We are addicted to answers, but answers have become commodities – your ability to ask the right questions is key” – Rick Smith (Forbes)

The event has been facilitated by Renee Redmond, a Global HR Business Partner at Roche who recently spent a week in Tanzania visiting medical centers as part of a leadership development program. The very lively discussion offered a lot of food for thoughts and insights to be shared back at the work.

After the breakfast the ebbf Basel members agreed on meeting with the representatives of AIESEC Switzerland on partnership & collaboration with ebbf.

“I’d like to thank you again for organising such a nice event and letting us be part of it! It has been refreshing, coming from a nonprofit organisation, to be part of such meaningful conversations among a group of professionals who care about the same things that we do.” –  Alessia Balducci said –  “As representatives of a global youth-run organisation which is AIESEC, we did not have expectations in terms of how the conversation would develop when invited to join this event.”

She has been also positively surprised to discover common values put into practice to create a positive impact on society: “It was beautiful to see how such a diverse group of professionals decides to use their time to discuss about topics that are relevant to them, and it’s with great surprise that we found how close their thoughts, values and concerns were to our own. It helped us to understand our relevance for the corporate sector, in developing the leaders of tomorrow that AIESEC aims to create, leaders who are aware of their surroundings and take action towards having a positive impact in their community.”

Ebbf believes in making an impact and has given to members the opportunity to share their actions of personal impact through workshops and trainings, articles, conversations at workplace, keynotes and seminars, events, personal projects and other actions, making evident the cumulative global reach of ebbf’s community. The ebbf breakfasts are part of the initiatives aimed to create a positive impact. Find out more:

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