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ebbf Basel is celebrating its meaningful breakfast 1-year anniversary

Inspired by the ebbf breakfasts & evening events in Geneva – Marc Rivers and Gundhild Hoenig with help from Silvan Lenk started a series of ebbf meaningful breakfast sessions in Basel in July 2014  with the first topic on “How to apply spiritual values in the work place?”. Followed by monthly meaningful morning conversations over a coffee and a “Gipfeli” (Swiss Croissant). Over the last 12 months the biggest interest has been in business related topics, around themes like Trust in the Workplace, Justice @Work, Inclusion and a follow up to the ebbf conferences in Barcelona and Lisbon to name a few. This year our meaningful conversations will expand into new areas. The ebbf Basel community is growing and we look forward to our upcoming 13thevent to meet amazing people from various work areas with a broad range of interests and diverse cultural backgrounds. Let us know when you are around and join us in Basel for one of our next gatherings on July 16th & August 20th & Sept 17th & Oct 22nd & Nov 26th & Dec 17th.  Please check out the ebbf webpage for our next event.

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