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Diana Severati takes ebbf action labs to her city and you are invited!

ROME -Diana Severati works in Claims Payments Management at Generali Business Solutions and has a special interest in business ethics, CSR, sustainability and social innovation. She has taken part in a number of ebbf Action Labs and has now decided to offer her experience to create a series of Action Labs in Rome.

Ebbf’s ultimate purpose is to accompany mindful people wanting to contribute to a prosperous, just and sustainable civilization through their daily work. Dedicated to fostering learning communities, ebbf has developed a “meaningful conversation” methodology that is now being used for local ebbf activities around the world.

This January 18th will see Diana using this methodology in Rome’s first Action Lab on ‘What does being an active citizen mean?’. The week in between each of the three Action Labs of the series will allow you to step into action and live ebbf’s vision of contributing to a prosperous, just and sustainable civilization through our daily work: one conversation, one action, one community at a time.

To follow updates on Facebook click here. To register and for more information, email Diana at

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