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Creating your dream enterprise and taking ebbf to RIO+20

Just under one month before arriving in Portugal to enjoy ebbf’s “make it meaningful” 21st annual conference. Each ebbf event has had a big impact on its participants, and we strongly believe that – now – is the ideal time to offer a much needed alternative to the current economic and personal work situation.

Allow others to benefit from the event

If you too believe in the importance of grabbing this opportunity, you can be a change-maker by simply inviting people, colleagues, friends, contacts you think need to look at, and then be inspired to implement, this new way of doing business creating meaningful workplaces conducive to a just, prosperous and sustainable civilization. Even if the event is sold out or if they are not able to attend, you will at least have given them the opportunity to get a glimpse of this “new, meaningful, paradigm of work” that the world needs so badly right now. You could now post on your Facebook walls, or email to your best contacts saying that you are coming to this event and warmly encouraging them to come and learn and co-create this new “paradigm of work” that we strive for.

All you need is a short message and a link to the event website or even just a LIKE once you reach the event webpage:

“Creating your dream enterprise” track 

Ebbf events offer both the broader vision but also get very practical in allowing us to  do something “meaningful” on Monday as we return to our workplaces. We have therefore added to this year’s event a new track, where experts in social venture capital, management, entrepreneurship, marketing etc will offer guidance to assist the development of that “dream enterprise” you have always wanted to start.

If you are interested, please comment to this post, sending us: – the name of the “meaningful” project, enterprise you seek to develop – a brief description of what it aims to achieve – a link to the website / facebook page / blog dedicated to this enterprise (if any) – the geographical area where it is / it will operate – what you need most right now to progress this enterprise

Contributing to ebbf’s influence at RIO+20 Ebbf will be present with a team and a stand at the RIO+20 summit in June 2012. We thought you might want to offer your own ideas and suggestions on how ebbf could make the most of this opportunity to both influence in the discourse and create new alliances with the many NGOs that will be present at the summit.

For this reason during this ebbf annual conference we will hold a track dedicated to this that will be coordinated by Arthur Dahl. If you are interested to take part, kindly alert us by commenting to this post.

Sharing transport getting thereyou will have seen on the GETTING THERE section of the event website that the transfer from Lisbon airport to the hotel is a short 30 minute journey. If you wish to share either the taxi ride or a rented car, you canpost on the event’s Facebook Page: – your flight / date / time of arrival – if you are offering or looking for shared taxi or rented car

Additional “tourist” information if you plan to stay longer we have a very nice guide of what you can do in the area, and where to stay in and around Lisbon if you plan to stay in Portugal before or after the event. Comment to this post and we will forward it to you.

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