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Australia – Naysan Naraqi shares “work is worship”

One of the ways Naysan Naraqi (on the right in the picture with another #ebbfjustice participant Aleksandar Tidic) is contributing to a better world is through his work in the creative media sector. Naysan works for Envato, a popular ecosystem of sites which help creative people around the world both ‘learn and earn’. Naysan also works on numerous Baha’i-inspired projects including a blog about the Baha’i Faith called

He explains why he attended the recent #ebbfjustice conference, in Barcelona:

I’ve known about ebbf for a long time and have always really liked what they stand for, but unfortunately never had the opportunity to come to one of the conferences. I was finally able to come and am so glad that I did.”

Some of his hopes for the conference was to network and meet with others who are inspired to not only carry out their work in an ethical way, but who are passionate about transforming society through their own specific fields. As for the next steps he says,

“I have definitely met quite a few people with whom I’ll be staying in touch with, and the conference has also really helped me define what my plan is for the next couple of years.”

Naysan really loves the idea that “work is worship”. He finds there is something profound in working and feels he doesn’t see work as a negative thing one has to do, but sees it as a pleasurable thing even with adversity.

“If we work really hard for something, it makes accomplishing it taste much sweeter.”


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