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Arash Aazami celebrates his BAS energy’s 13th sustainable quarter

THE NETHERLANDS, Arash not only contributed to the recent #ebbf2013 annual learning event held in Barcelona giving a keynote on new models that balance economic and environmental objectives (see here) but he also coherently recently celebrated his own company’s success in actually achieving this balance … and for the 13th consecutive quarter.

He writes “celebrating the 13th quarter that we managed through financially without any government grants, loans, bank financing, overdraft or equity partnership (selling shares), and this was the hardest quarter so far… This means that BAS has grown autonomously from zero to being a serious alternative for any energy supplier with thousands of customers in The Netherlands without giving up any independence.”

As you can see from the image, Arash has the gift of taking himself far less seriously than the passion and professionalism that he dedicates to his company and team. More about Arash’s ideas on new sustainable entrepreneurial models here.

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