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Abu Dhabi – Carrie Freeman keynoter at #ebbf25 offers innovation challenge at Eye on Earth Sum

Carrie Freeman, partner at Second Muse , will offer the opening keynote at #ebbf25 ebbf’s annual learning event coming up soon in Barcelona.  She offers here a great opportunity for innovators

Carrie who has been studying how business can be a key contributor in an ever-advancing civilization for 20 years writes “In the new world of Big Data, we’ve learned how to acquire great data, but we’re still struggling with accessing it, understanding it, and putting it to work. That’s especially true with environmental data, where the urgency of problems facing people right now is driving efforts to turn raw digital input into information leading to concrete solutions.”

The opportunities she offers is: “Calling for entries from citizen scientists, professionals and from artists who have a brilliant idea for applying publicly accessible data to solving environmental challenges that will be featured at Eye on Earth Summit in Abu Dhabi

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