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7th March - Join ebbf's new series of ebbf learning circles: the key to a small player having global influence

As ebbf is a global learning community, the ebbf learning team has decide to open its internal explorations and learning journeys on key topics for us, as values-driven individuals want to use our workplaces for meaningful outcomes and imbue them with a values-driven culture. This is your opportunity to interact and learn with Jose Soto, owner of a relatively small 50+ people company in Costa Rica who was recently awarded the HP prize for the most sustainable partner company ... in the world.

Jose Soto is a maveric with a focus, he has been working in parallel and wants to explore with you how to move forward the postivie impact in four of his areas of focus where he has already created successful ventures and solutions :Technology when smartly applied to educationSmall scale agriculture and harnessing new trends such as hydroponia and regenerative agricultureEducation and social entrepreneurship helping younger generations to find and develop their values-driving ideas into enterprises.

One of the ways in which he won the global prize from HP and why he sees as the key for his succeessful progress is the power of collaborative mindsets. 

Be it his program with the largest university in Costa Rica la Universidad de Costa Rica for a social entrepreneurship program, or his success in developing a local community connected honey exporting company, collaborating with the German Government, local producers, it is a smart collaborative system what offers the best solutions.  here an article in the Costa Rican press:

One of the learning topics of this live dialogue you can enjoy with Jose Soto will be to explore further his collaborative key elements:. a well defined purpose. finding passionate individuals who are values-driven and looking for a way to achieve their aspirations. embeddeing learning as a key element of the relationship.

We look forward to your questions to Jose and the learning we will gather through this interaction.

Below the image of the prize that Jose Soto and his company won from HP:

JOIN THE PRE-EVENT LEARNING EXPERIENCE ON EBBF's MEMBERS PLATFORM:As this event is organized by the learning team, we wish to extend this 60 minutes online learning experience with a pre-event opportunity to share and read relevant articles / ideas / quotes on the theme of this session, clicking here to ebbf's members platform section dedicated to this:CLICK HERE TO START YOUR LEARNING EXPERIENCE

Philippe Gerling

ebbf learning team lead

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