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26th Jan - Global Solidarity Accounting Plenary

You are invited to the sharing of progress and key insights on accounting for human and environmental wellbeing. The highlights showing science based indicators of wellbeing beyond GDP.

Just over 12 months ago, Dr. Arthur Dahl, following COP26 in Glasgow, initiated a global citizen conversation on the urgent need to replace economic indicators like GDP driving carbon emissions and environmental destruction.

He reached out to and Jointly the Global Solidarity Accounting (GSA) project was initiated.

GSA appeals to everyone: citizens, professionals, scientists and community members around the world. The aim is to identify indicators to measure progress in human and environmental solidarity and wellbeing and thus improve the lives of our fellow humans through social discourse and social action. Please register and join the conversation on 26 January 2023 to gain insights into the progress made so far.

A more complete description is at:

The project is led by three groups: a) Carbon, Biodiversity and Pollution working group. b) Human Wellbeing working group – minimum living standards, food, health, shelter. c) Social Accounting working group – work and service, knowledge and education, spiritual capital and values

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