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22nd May - Meaningful Career? What is the role of art in business with Erna Blooms.

Welcome to this next LIVE learning interaction, in the fifth series of ebbf's #52MinutesToYourMeaningfulCareer .

We have a very special edition of this series, #ebbfmember Erna Blooms Maude is ready for all your questions on how she uses art and branding to build new career and company paths. BOOK YOUR PLACE AND ASK YOUR QUESTION TO ERNA HERE: This is a special time, where Martina invites you to join and interact with ebbf members from around the world to have - you - talk with and explore different aspects useful to you on how to achieve more meaningful careers and more meaningful workplaces.Each month Martina invites an "expert" but ebbf's definition of an expert is slightly different from the usual one: expert = someone who has tried something and has found useful learnings from their experience that they are happy to share with you. These experts, and the global group that meets around these sessions, are there for you to learn, explore and ask what you would really like to find out. Meaningful work paths and meaningful workplaces are much more possible than we think, exploring ways to reach them is our aim.

Join and interact to see your questions answered both about the common challenges in setting one's purpose and taking the right steps towards a meaningful career but also to help you (and the expert) address the challenges they will bring to you helping their drive to purpose.

This month's invited guest is Erna Blooms ! One small part of Erna's professional life here:  BOOK YOUR PLACE AND ASK YOUR QUESTION/S TO ERNA HERE:

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