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8th FEB - Join ebbf's first in the series of ebbf learning circles: challenges of a startup owner + Unity time

As ebbf is a global learning community, the ebbf learning team has decide to open its internal explorations and learning journeys on key topics for us, as values-driven individuals want to use our workplaces for meaningful outcomes and imbue them with a values-driven culture. Not always as easy as we wish it to be as start up founder Heeten Choxi found out in the latest of his ventures.

His two questions derive from two recent issues he faced. He was confronted with how distorted human behaviours challenge ideal business structures. The first one was the setting up of contracts for new hires, with a distorted "us vs them" approach that was initially set in place creating an antagonistic as opposed to a collaborative employment structure, and where Heeten had to intervene to bring the conversation and final outcome back to one more conducive to a more positive perception of reality.

In the second case the logo of the startup had to be decided. A very passionate set of conversations ensued but not conducive to a unity of thinking and instead highlighting very diverse perceptions of what the logo and the company should represent.

From these two very practical lived situations we want to explore with Heeten and the rest of the ebbf learning team : Are there certain business activities that are inherently adversarial? Is negotiation an adversarial activity? How might this be transformed as we develop and apply spiritual capacities to business? This first learning team circle will be enriched by Erfan Ebrahimi's Time for Unity Tool

will offer you an Introduction to Time Management for Unity:

Throughout the annals of history, time has played an indispensable role in shaping the course of civilizations and human progress. In today's fast-paced world, the significance of time management has reached unprecedented heights. Advancements in technology have provided us with the means to access a wealth of information and perform tasks more swiftly and efficiently than ever before. Yet, the constant pursuit of speed in our endeavors persists.

Cultivating practical time management skills is a journey that extends far beyond the boundaries of this course. While this course serves as a stepping stone, mastering time management requires continuous practice and guidance. You will embark on this exciting expedition into time management within the upcoming modules.

Here, you will unearth strategies to discern your priorities, harness your time more efficiently to pursue your core objectives and shield it from the wasteful expenditure. To start this journey, we'll evaluate your current time management proficiency through a comprehensive questionnaire. This self-assessment will provide valuable insights into your ability to govern time in alignment with your personal goals.

As you progress through this course, you will enhance your understanding of time management and contribute to the broader mission of unity, fostering harmony within yourself and across the global landscape.

MORE from Erfan at 

We look forward to an enriching learning event

ebbf learning team lead

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