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The 7 ebbf core values

Seven principles that we use at ebbf that are foundational and that open conversations:
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In a globalized world that is physically united and economically interdependent, the central challenge is to achieve a similar unity in the human family, while respecting its diversity. Accepting the oneness of humankind is essential at all levels of human organization from the workplace to the planet.
How does the principle of unity change human relationships in an organization?


Justice is required for the unity of humanity, and the ruling principle of successful social organization. Justice and equity find applications throughout the economy, the workplace and the enterprise.
What can we do to make justice the basic operating principle of our business or workplace?


The highest station is service to all humanity and to the common good, a principle that applies equally to the individual, to government and to private enterprise. Service is principles put into action.
How can service to society become the central purpose of every business undertaking?


Moderation should be exercised in all things, as excess is always damaging. For everything there is an optimal size or rate, including for material civilization and the economy.
What are the implications of moderation for the traditional concept of economic growth?

Gender Equality

To achieve the full potential of the human race, both women and men must advance equally and develop their complementary capacities in partnership.
What are the ways that gender diversity increases business effectiveness?

Human Nobility

Humanity has a higher purpose than just material satisfaction. The human being has physical, intellectual and spiritual realities, with human experience essentially spiritual in nature. We can direct our energies to lower things like ego, greed, apathy and violence, or rise to develop the limitless potentialities latent in human consciousness. How does meaningful work bring out the noble nature of the human being?


It is our obligation to present and future generations to use the planet’s resources in ways that ensure sustainability and equity into the distant future. Sustainable environmental management is a fundamental responsibility for our spiritual well-being as well as our physical survival.
How can the need to achieve sustainability transform our business models and create opportunities for innovation?



Operational Concepts

At the operational level, these and other principles are expressed in the following tools:


Consultation is the collective search for truth, considering all points of view without attachment to personal opinions. It can be applied in all fields of endeavor.
What are the implications of consultation for traditional management models?


No nation or community can solve global problems alone, and many skills and perspectives are needed to address the complex issues of our interconnected world, requiring a spirit of positive collaboration.
How do we balance bottom up and top down by reciprocity and interconnectedness?


We should release the capacity of every human being by working side by side in a humble attitude of learning, with widening circles of informed participation, delighting in the progress and service of others. Accompaniment is leadership without leaders.
How do we build capacity through accompaniment?

Ever-Advancing Learning

The process of generating and applying knowledge has a central place in human life and society, and leads to social advancement. Education should be lifelong, providing the knowledge, values, attitudes and skills necessary to allow everyone to contribute to society.
What are the benefits for any organization that encourages continuous learning at all levels?

New Work Ethic

Meaningful work in an occupation, craft or trade not only provides material means but also performs a service for society and thus has spiritual as well as material significance. Work is worship. Everyone has both a right and an obligation to learn a useful skill and to use it for the benefit of all.
How does the concept of work as worship transform motivation in the workplace?

Ethics In Business

Business must be founded on trustworthiness and truthfulness, and consider justice and equity in all its operations. The purpose of business should be service to society, and not just the generation of wealth.
What needs to be done to build ethical principles into the very nature and purpose of business?

A New Paradigm of Economics

We need new economic models for a dynamic, just and thriving social order, that are strongly altruistic and cooperative in nature, provide meaningful employment, and help to eradicate poverty in the world.
How can business be made more altruistic and cooperative?

A Learning Community

Transforming business and society requires a learning community involved in action, reflection, and consultation, that empowers individuals and harnesses collective action for the betterment of the community and society.
Can organizations be made more effective by incorporating the elements of a learning community?


Social, environmental and personal responsibility encompasses trustworthiness, honesty, virtue, wisdom, a saintly character and virtuous behavior; as well as respect for the earth, detachment, meeting one’s needs but not to excess; and showing kindness to strangers, voluntary sharing and preferring others over oneself, acknowledging that each member of the human race is born into the world as a trust of the whole.

What can we do to increase the sense of individual and collective responsibility at all levels of society?

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