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Create impact

be part of the #ebbfvalues campaign

At ebbf we are passionate about the enabling force of these 7 foundational principles.

Use them in the #ebbfvalues campaign and check out your impact

  1. Select one or more of your personal favourite #ebbfvalues by clicking on one or more of the icons below


  2. A page will download, print (or even better use on your tablet) and write your quote or reaction on the value/s you chose

  3. Post a selfie or a photo of your quote on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn using the #ebbfvalues #NameOfValue hashtags and challenge three people to do the same

  4. Find #ebbfvalues hashtag posts on social media, learn, be surprised and share!












Some examples of how people are using the #ebbfvalues campaign


Martina Crepaz (top left in the image) talked to a colleague at work who proudly shared her own take on the value of #Sustainabilty

and invited a guest and old friend Leonardo Intriago from LinkedIN who visited their home, to post about how favourite value of #Justice

Ralph Blundell (top left in the image),
took a few #ebbfvalues cards to an AIESEC event where he keynoted and some participants then felt inspired to post their own favourite quotes about the value of #GenderEquality .

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