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Wesley Gee produced a Starter’s Guide for Sustainability Reporting

CANADA – Wesley wrote with CPA (Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada) a starter’s guide for Sustainability Reporting, a starting point for new or early-stage sustainability reporters, useful for organisations of all sizes.

Sustainability reporting refers to a variety of approaches that organisations can take to communicate their environmental, social, economic and governance-related priorities, programs, performance and values and how these are linked to the organisations’ strategy. The guide Wesley produced provides a roadmap of key steps, related objectives and practical advice to how inform and engage key stakeholders. One idea is that companies that use social media platforms can work with broad audiences and gain new insights by allowing stakeholders to offer feedback conveniently. But the guide also reminds that “ultimately mastering sustainability reporting will come largely from experience, and by developing a wide-ranging network of fellow reporting practitioner and engaged peers.”

Wesley is currently the Director of Sustainability at The Works Design Communications Ltd, a firm that specializes in investor communications, Corporate Social Responsibility communications, internal communications, and corporate identity and collateral as well as a lecturer for introduction to sustainability courses at the Chang School for Continuing Education at Ryerson University.

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Sustainability report can be more than just a deliverable, but a step in a process that can help a company get its house in order so it can keep moving toward sustainability

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