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Warm welcome to recent ebbf members – contributing to building a new civilisation through thei

A very warm welcome to the latest group of individuals who joined ebbf with a desire to contribute to its vision. The most recent members now part of this international community of people passionate about finding ways to “contribute to a prosperous, just and sustainable civilisation” through their daily work.If you are an ebbf member, click on their profile link to view their profile and connect with them and any of the other 800 current and past members in over 60 nations you will find in the “ebbf members platform”.

As a member you are also invited to the “unlocking the potential of your ebbf membership” google hangout – join here if interested – Friday, 26th of January at 20:00 in Sydney = 10:00 (Milan, CET) = 14:30 (New Delhi)  = 17:00 (Beijing)

Sean Hinton – Beijing, China / Ulan Bator, Mongolia

sean hinton

Sean Hinton founded Terbish Partners in 2007 to provide strategic advisory services to clients in China and Mongolia, focusing on large-scale investments with government counterparties. Since 2010 he has advised Rio Tinto PLC on their investment in the Oyu Tolgoi copper mine in Mongolia, and on the social impact of their operations. Since 2008 he has been Senior Advisor to Goldman Sachs (Asia) working on transactions in North Asia and Africa. Other recent roles include: Special Advisor to the CEO of SOHO China on their IPO; and Chairman of China Networks Ltd. a national TV advertising business. Sean’s other career highlights include: Principal of Media Entertainment Advisors, a boutique investment bank in London (2005–2007); Managing Director of Ealing Studios and Fragile Films (2000–2005); Consultant, McKinsey & Company, Sydney and London (1995– 2000). Sean lived and worked in Mongolia for 7 years from 1988 where he founded his first business. He was trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (A.G.S.M.), University of Cambridge (M.Phil. Ethnomusicology) and the MIT Sloan School of Management (Sloan Visiting Fellow). He is a Henry Crown Fellow of the Aspen Institute, for four years was the Honorary Consul-General of Mongolia in Australia, and from 1994 served as a founding member of the national governing body of the Bahá’í community in Mongolia. Sean lives in Beijing with his wife and three daughters. He is interested in CSR, Social Innovations, Values Based Leadership, Sustainable Development, Spirit in Business and Social Economic Development.

Yi Chi – Toronto, Canada

yi chi

I consider myself a strategic thinker and committed to promoting cohesive thinking and building inclusion and diversity among individuals, teams, organizations and communities. I worked with global integrated enterprise and community start-ups in Canada, China and shortly in Israel and am currently Vendor Relations Manager at TD Bank Group.

I specialized in sourcing/procurement with 6+ years of experiences in academia, manufacturing, technology, management consulting and banking sectors.  I spend most of my spare-time to facilitate changes in people’s work and life by one-on-one coaching, workshop facilitation, blogging, community building and public speaking in local communities and conference.

I wrote on Faith-based organization, facilitated workshop for university students on “the confidence and attitude of networking” and talked in Association of Baha’i Studies on “true career commitment”. An interesting experience on Baha’i social economic development discourse is a project with Chinese woman federation in Haifa early 2011.

I moved from China to Canada in 2010 and have been working with Chinese population in Toronto about community building based on Baha’i writings.

Stanley Nyoni, Geneva Switzerland

stanley nyoni

Stanley is a Senior Sustainability Advisor and President of S2 Sustainability Satrategies. S2 is the Switzerland focal point of the Natural Step Global Network. Stanley’s focus is on vision and strategy development within local governments and corporations and the development of learning courses for sustainability leaders.

Stanley is currently coordinating the Project One Future One Planet. The project includes a series of Global Conversations on the future we want and on a support system to accelerate the implementation of for sustainable development. In the past, Stanley worked with infrastructure development, quality and environmental management systems, development programs for various communities through Local Agenda 21, and civil society programs.

Stanley uses the TNS Framework because the approach provides a clear definition of sustainability and a systematic approach to sustainable development. By working with communities in India and Africa, and lately in Europe, Stanley has gained insight into what sustainable development means at the local level.

Stanley is a Zimbabwean currently living in Switzerland with his wife and their two sons. He holds a masters degree in environmental engineering and sustainable infrastructure from the Royal Institute of Technology Sweden, a bachelor of technology in civil engineering from the University of Zimbabwe and a certificate in cross-sector partnering from Cambridge University, UK.

One of his burning issue is to help business to focus on human development with planetary boundaries.

Tony Mirra – Athens, Greece

tony mirra

I decided to study economics, not because I loved it, but because it is an interesting approach that can show how human societies should function. I’m attracted by the aspects of economics that  treats human beings as human beings (with critical thinking and values) and not as consumeristic ‘animals’. We can be consumers, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but according to Abdu’l-Baha: “All must be producers.”

So service to fellow human beings is at the centre of my life, and I believe that one way to achieve that is through my field of studies.

I have particular interest in Sustainable Development, Spirit in Business, Social Economic Development, Business Ethics.

I post some of my thoughts on my blog:

Katherine Vispo – Madrid, Spain

katherine vispo

I have studied communication science at La Rioja International University (Spain) and currently work as a TV producer for a spanish national TV production company and founded Zebra Producciones.

I am interested in CSR, Equal opportunities for women & men, Social Innovations, Values Based Leadership, Sustainable Development, SRI, Spirit in Business, Entrepreneurship, Networking, Microcredit, PR & Communication, Web Site Development, Publications, Human Resources, Organizational Behaviour, Youth & Young Professionals, Social Economic Development, Ethical Finance, Responsible Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics, Health and Business, Presentations & Seminars, Social Entrepreneurship, Fair Trade, Sustainability and Intercultural sensitivities.

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