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Warm welcome to new ebbf members – contributing to building a new civilization, through their

A very warm welcome to the latest individuals to join the ebbf international community becoming an integral part of this global network and of its objective of connecting our daily work to the higher purpose of “contributing to a prosperous, just and sustainable civilization”. Once again we see the richness of the ebbf network growing thanks to the variety of fields, sectors, ages and purposes that moved  to become active members of ebbf.

If you are an ebbf member, click on their profile link to view their profile and connect with them and any of the other 800 current and past members in over 60 nations you will find in the “ebbf members platform”.

The best way to enjoy the interaction with ebbf member and the larger group of like-minded people attracted by ebbf’s values, principles and actions is to attend the next ebbf annual conference, this year dedicated to “rethinking the enterprise, co-creating prosperity” : see the here the link to the event website.

Praveen Selvasekaran

Praveen Selvasekaran – Haifa, Israel I am a web developer studying the intersection of technology with social action, after working at corporations such as IBM , Hewlett Packard from Bangalore in India and participating as the operation lead for Random Hacks of Kindness.

I am currently volunteering at the Baha’i World center where I serve in the Information services department. The last few years I’ve been able to collaborate with a number of creative individuals on the intersection of Technology with Social Action and have posted my learning at I am currently interested in user interface development for web applications using open source software’s, Entrepreneurship, Social Economic Development and Presentations & Seminars. One of my burning issues is software development for socio economic issues. I would love to explore with ebbf how can we make the most of the intersection of technology with social action, to help technology better serve society.

nasrin davis

Nasrin Davis – Vaud, Switzerland I am a freelance business consultant ( who provides consulting, coaching and training services to companies and individuals. I have been in this field for the last 20 years and have been enjoying all my projects and the interactions with my clients.​ I am Swiss, was born in Iran and speak English, Swiss German (German), French, Farsi and have notions of Slovak. I have done my studies in Business, hold a degree in Conflict Management, an MBA in International Management and am currently finalizing my Doctorate thesis (DBA) in Value Moral Leadership with the research in Management Consulting Companies in the Swiss Market. I have had my two consulting companies one in Switzerland and one in Slovakia and have provided consulting services to companies locally and European wide. I have also worked with women entrepreneurs and have provided management and business services to help them start or grow their companies, specifically in Slovakia where woman have wonderful ideas but not much support or resources to afford such training.

​I am interested in Values Based Leadership, Sustainable Development, Spirit in Business, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behaviour, Business Ethics, Intercultural sensitivities, people, nature, music, painting, cultures, languages, science, communication, analysis, etc.

I always learn through teaching and have enjoyed my career as a consultant or service provider.

One of my burning issues is the lack of leadership in societies and companies.

Alice Findlay – Leeds, UK I am a fourth year medical student currently studying at the University of Leeds. I have a bachelor’s degree in International Health.

By joining ebbf, I would like to meet like-minded individuals who will help me to nurture and develop my future career. I would also like to contribute by getting involved, sharing my own meaningful experiences with others, and learning from the experiences of others.

I would like to support any healthcare related projects that may arise. I am interested in Equal opportunities for women & men, Values Based Leadership, Publications, Youth & Young Professionals, Social Economic Development, Health and Business, Presentations & Seminars, Intercultural sensitivities.

patrick honan

Patrick Honan - Kilrush Ireland I am an entrepreneur, owner of True Brand . In my work I try to keep faithful to the principle that “While we love innovation and progress, we believe that business should exist to develop and serve people, instead of humanity becoming a mere commodity to serve profit.” “We believe in people being brought together to cooperatein a fair, progressive and nurturing environment. Mankind’s capacity has increased dramatically, as technology has shown. This new capacity is shrinking the world around us and eliminating barriers between us, rendering old business and political models obsolete and connecting us all.” For these reasons I am particularly interested in Values Based Leadership

Contribution to ebbf: by working with others to develop a model for explaining to the business world, the fundamentals of the transition they find themselves in. From a branding context, businesses that align their values with the spirit of the times and become a vehicle for connecting the world are the ones that will thrive. This is ‘Spiritual Branding’. I want to drive this concept and infuse businesses with this attitude as, I am sure, does EBBF.

My current burning issue is to connect with like-minded people.

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