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USA – Lili Rahmati contributes as ebbf journalist

Lili Rahmati’s primary motivation to contribute as a journalist was based on the opportunity to connect one-on-one with other entrepreneurs and be able to share their story as individuals: “As a business owner/entrepreneur, I feel that I am uniquely positioned to extract certain perspectives that could be beneficial to others who are interested in taking the leap toward entrepreneurship.” 

Furthermore, aside from entrepreneurship, she thinks that everyone has an interesting personal and professional story that is worthy of being told and shared with others. “Even if a story resonates with just one individual in a way which is meaningful and which improves their life or their thought process, it is worthy of being shared.”

She works for herself in a Privately held firm providing a robust suite of services such as personal; businessbookkeeping/accounting services. “I’ve been a member of EBBF since 2011”. She decided to join because it offered something beyond just sound business principles – “the diversity of its members across nations, industry backgrounds, coupled with the big picture approach to how each one of us make a meaningful contribution not just to our own workplace, but to the larger global community as whole really resonated with me”.

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