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USA – Eleonora Ferrero gives five suggestions for career management

Eleonora Ferrero is a self-employed career coach with the dream that in a near future, all the people in the world will get the opportunity to magnify their full potential and contribute to a fair and sustainable development.

Part of her plan to make this dream come true is to help people achieve their full potential. As such she has recently given five suggestions to help people avoid making the most common mistakes, that in her experience people do, in their career management.

The suggestions, that can also be found on her website, are:

1- Define exactly what you want to achieve and when you want to get there. Make your goal measurable

2 – Create an action plan: what ACTIONS will you take to achieve your goals?

3 – Speak with a Mentor, someone who has already got the results you want. 

4 – You have to network with the people who can help you and show you what to do!

5 – Read books and take classes about everything (how to speak, how to sell, how to analyze global issues, how to advise others, etc)

She is currently a candidate for an MBA at Hult International Business School where she founded the Hult Sustainability Club with the mission to broaden student’s knowledge about Sustainability in Business by organizing informational, practical and networking activities inside and outside the Campus.


After years spent working on career coaching, she has identified five common errors that people do in their career management

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