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UK – Paul Hughes: Images not to be seen but rather envisioned


LimeWharf, where the exhibition will be held, is a Hackney based cultural innovation hub and artistic laboratory that welcomes both artists and scientists to collaborate in residencies, think tanks gatherings and stimulating exhibitions.

When Paul Hughes was asked to create an exhibition around his OPUS NUMBERS and TEN METERS OF THINKING, it felt natural to accept the invitation.

He, has been a member of ebbf for several years as he believes our daily work should reflect our individual values and create a more just, sustainable and prosperous civilisation. Through his work of Ten Meters of Thinking he constantly works with individuals, organisations, and institutions to create a culture of learning. In his daily work, and specifically through this exhibition, he aims at empowering individuals to create timely meaning based on timeless wisdom.

The exhibition opens on the 4th December from 6-9pm with Ten Meters of Thinking performance at 7:30pm (45 mins). The exhibition will be ongoing 5-11 December, Mon-Fri 10am-6pm

Please visit the following links for more information about the exhibition: Gallery and Facebook.

not to be seen
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