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UK – Graham Boyd organizing a Dojo4Life in central London

Graham Boyd has been organising DoJo4Life, a safe space to “practice the art of being an effective warrior of the heart, mind and spirit”, for the past year and the next event will take place in central London on the 22nd November 2014. The roots can be found in the latest developments of Otto Laske’s coaching, the Constructive Developmental Framework, combined with the ‘Immunity to Change’ of Kegan and Lahey, and blended with the best in individual and group dialogue processes and the principles of Martial Arts. The result is a peer to peer way of developing yourself to be able to thrive in your organisation. The essence of the one-day workshop is a series of step-by-step translations to help you work more subtly in yourself. Embracing what is actually useful in everything you label a bad habit. For example, your complaints can be welcomed, for they give a pretty good sense of what you care about. Just trying to suppress your so-called “bad habits” is stressful because you lose the benefits they also bring – they’re there to keep you out of some kind of trouble. And the fear you have of this kind of trouble in turn can reveal a perception you have of the world or of others. We often carry inaccurate and prohibitively negative perceptions that came to be from the past. Once spotted, you can then bring them more into line with reality. Graham said “In my experience with it, I found the seeing how your bad habits are serving you and how the world isn’t nearly as bad as you think it is provide wonderfully unburdening epiphany moments.” For more details:, or contact

The facebook event phonto

The facebook event phonto

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