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There must be a better way to measure the growth of prosperity than #GDP !

ebbf - ethical business building the future & IEF - International Environment Forum members collaborated on the "Global Solidarity Accounting" project to identify ways to reset how governments account for the well-being of their populations and of their economic systems.

It is clear that the traditional GDP accounting system is not serving humanity and thus the search for alternatives is urgent.

This Al Jazeera Media Network article by Maxwell Gomera talks about one such alternative and offers some insightful approaches to rectify the imbalances of systems currently in use.

"Tackling #poverty can start with embracing the GDP of the poor"

You can find out more about the joint IEF + EBBF project here:

1. Is a better global accounting system possible?

What are the right nine indicators for a true metric of progress?

and here:

2. Impact-Weighted Accounts - a project to drive new financial accounts that reflect a company’s financial, social, and environmental performance.


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