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Switzerland – Margherita Pagani speaking at ebbf breakfast Geneva

Margherita Pagani is a young social entrepreneur ‘making things change and creating a positive impact’ which inspired an invitation to speak at the ebbf breakfast Geneva last week.

She is the founder of Flythegap, a project that focuses on how to use technology to create new models of sustainability around social impact initiative, enhancing the interactions between Profit, Non-profit, Public and Private sectors to scale their effectiveness.

During the event they explored how all change and positive impact rests on our (the people’s) shoulders, and how we approach the idea of expressing our will to influence what surrounds us (work, spare time activities, family, community…). A few of the questions they looked at were: “How do we share what we care about and what we would want to be different?”; “How do we evaluate if we should take direct action or not?”; “How do we approach others – do we tend to involve them? Whom do we first rely on?”

If you wish to receive more information regarding the ebbf breakfast Geneva contact

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