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Sweden – Mahsa Haei building her dream job


“I miss working with people, the interaction with them. I dream to use my knowledge in a job that allows me to have a connection with people, not just as result but on a daily basis” (she spends a lot of her time in the laboratory). She would like to do something involving education, environment and values. “I imagine myself teaching children about climate change and transmitting strong values that would inspire them to have a positive impact on the environment.” Mahsa would like to make them aware of the importance of being concerned about it and to make them naturally protect it, and as result, protect themselves and the world.

She participated in the previous #ebbjustice Barcelona Conference with the hope to return home with a lot of inspiration and ideas. She participated in the workshop about “how to create your dream enterprises” to start making a plan about the concrete actions needed to make her dream real.

“EBBF inspires me to connect “idea to action” and this is exactly what I need to realize my goal.”

Click here to access the ongoing ebbf program ‘create your dream enterprise’.


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