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Stephanie Hughes’ Architecting Interactions in UN Magazine

Stephanie was recently interviewed for the monthly publication of the UN Magazine on the topic of Architecting Interactions, a concept she elaborated.

Stephanie is part of a new generation of architects that operate beyond the “nowadays-restrained realm of architecture”, and believes that the most sustainable innovation will happen at the intersection of different fields. When asked by the interviewer Giovanna Maria de Marco about the meaning of Architecting Interactions, Stephanie described it as “the vision about the real responsibility of designers”, in which architecting “refers to an ongoing process” and interaction “is the action happening in between different entities, be it space,  objects or people” . 

She explained the role of architecture is to create a context that enables successful interactions. These interactions should facilitate a comprehensive vision of things being interconnected and interdependent, which challenges the problem of fragmentation that is the underlying cause of the difficulties that Humanity faces today. Since architects don’t have access to the same information that people, as users of a specific space, have, one of the goals of Architecting Interactions is to have them contribute to the process.

For more information on Architecting Interactions visit her company’s Facebook page or visit 

AKKA Project Architecture School Dubai

AKKA Project Architecture School Dubai

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