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Regenerating communities and energy … from Chile

Great initiative that #ebbfmemberMonica Martinez Vargas has decided to accompany in parallel with her other impact leadership roles.

She writes "Our Regenerative Solar Park project. A systemic, integrated and collaborative vision created in close collaboration with local communities. The plan has started to build a combination of autonomous production of clean energy + recovery of the water cycle + improvement of soil quality and an increase in the productive capacity of the local territories.

Canela may be a small area in a remote area of Chile but it has a great goal: "to move towards a logic of circular economy and regenerative culture.”

A little more than a month ago, the implementation of a project for the separation and valorisation of household organic waste began, through vermicomposting. This is to prevent such waste (mainly fruit and vegetable remains) from ending up wasted in a landfill, generating only negative externalities.

The results are already beginning to be noticed. The high school to date has "rescued", recycled and recovered, about 90 kg of vegetable waste generated by the kitchen of its casino.

Little or a lot? For now, the important thing is to continue growing and expanding the project to homes as well.

Today this amount of waste has allowed to stop emitting 37,620 grams of CO2 eq into the atmosphere. The same as a collection truck emits after travelling 50 km. (And this is only 1 month from the start).

Grateful to be part of this great group of professionals and to see the birth of this precious regenerative project that our planet earth needs so much.”

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