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Portugal – Jason Maude organizing next Lisbon ebbf conference


One of the events, which requires application, is a two day session dedicated to helping ebbf design and create an evolved organisation structure to fulfill its ambitious goal of impacting a million people by 2024.

Following this there will be the open international ebbf learning event with over 20 sessions, speakers and learnshops exploring the concept of interconnected business. In this age of interdependence most people are still ignorant about these connections, we will better understand the impact of the choices we make on the world: cause and effect.

Jason became a member 5 years ago and started by contributing to ebbf through the organization of some activities during the events and since then, as the events team has expanded, has been gradually assuming more of a managerial role. Currently manages a nine people team that make the multiple ebbf international events come to reality. Read more about his experience in an ebbf featured interview.


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