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Nauman and Anila Hussain contribute to NaiQala Association in fund raising for schools in Afghanista

SWITZERLAND – Nauman and his wife, Anila , assisted Taiba Rahim, the founder of NaiQala Association, in organising the annual fund-raising event that is accompanied by an Afghani dinner,  aimed at presenting her projects and connecting her to her local community.

Their role was mainly to help in the kitchen with the food and menu preparation and he shares: “I let you imagine how challenging it can be to serve great food with high quality presentation, so to keep it simple I was part of the back office of the event in the kitchen team. I never felt so good and happy in a kitchen”. Around 160 people filled the hall were the event took place, and the participants really felt they were contributing to a great project with someone they trusted. Taiba’s projects are strongly rooted in the conviction of the essential role of education in bettering the world (click here to watch her TED talk).Naiqala Association is involved in building schools in remote areas in Afghanistan and in 8 years have already built 6 schools and 1 clinic. Explaining why he has been contributing for the past 2 years with these projects,Nauman says: “I really believe she has great energy and her projects are very valuable and meaningful for our Humanity globally.”

Many donors believe in the NaiQala’s projects and their extraordinary support has made a world of difference for a thousand girls and boys from the region. Today they study under a roof, in dignified conditions.

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