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Italy – Beppe Robiati: CSR as an application of Baha’i Principles

Giuseppe Robiati, who has been offering for 18 years courses of Ethics and Economics to the faculty of Economics of the University of Bari, held a seminar last month about Corporate Social Responsibility at the Department of Political Sciences.

After the opening salutation of Prof. Ennio Triggani, Director of the Department of Polical Sciences of the University of Bari, and Andrea Martino representing “New Team” and “Students for…” student associations, Prof. Michela Pellicani introduced with words of recognition and appreciation, Eng. Giuseppe Robiati, with whom they have been collaborating for years on ethics in economics issues.

Giuseppe Robiati talked about corporate social responsibility issues to more than one hundred students and introduced an alternative approach rooted in the teachings of Baha’u’llah. The two-hours class was centered on the application of Baha’i Principles: at the heart of the enterprise is man, which should be regarded as a mine of precious gems, whose talents of love, service and unity should be shared, in order, to contribute to an harmonic individual and collective development.

The seminar ended up with a warm applause from very interested students, who were engaged throughout the whole session.

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