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Italy – Andreas Vatsellas researching Life Cycle Sustainability ideas

My research at the University of Bologna this last year was focused on the cultural concepts of development and sustainable production and of “Life Cycle Thinking” approach.

This research program was concerned with the life cycle management of products aimed at designing and realising eco-compatible productions. It was intended to support the business decisions, both in the evaluation of investment projects and in the medium term projection of the choices taken for the analysis of the degree of effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of eco-innovations of products and processes.

My research was focused on the Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment of coffee.

I have been collaborating with another research group in order to evaluate the different ways of recovering the silver skin of coffee, which is the main waste of the production, for food innovation and other purposes, like heat or paper production, and interventions that can be applied in the whole life cycle, from the cultivation phase until the consumption.

The purpose of the whole project was to contribute in moving towards a more sustainable future, not only in environmental and economical but also in social terms.

The re-use of the main waste of coffee production and a more conscious production of coffee are empowering the people working in all parts of the life cycle and especially the local cultivators and producers of coffee.

andreas vatsellas
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