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Israel – Mamie Ghogomu living the spirit of service

Mamie Ghogomu

Mamie Ghogomu

Mamie Ghogomu fulfilled her wish of dedicating a period of her life to full time volunteer service when in March of 2012, she stopped working for Ascende, as a Senior Associate Global Solutions Specialist, and moved to Haifa to volunteer as a recruiter in the Office of Personnel of the Bahá’i World Centre. She is learning about coherence between the principles and values in her spiritual life and her work life, and following her period of service will be looking for an environment in which that coherence is appreciated.

Her assigned task is to work with a team to facilitate the flow of volunteers to meet the wide range of needs at the World Centre.  “It can be challenging to ensure that there are enough staff to fill positions when people come and go so often [most staff offer short periods of service] , but it is rewarding to see the new faces when they arrive, so excited, full of energy, and ready to contribute.  It is a unique experience and I feel so lucky to be in this beautiful place, interacting with friends from every continent of the world, learning from their experiences and contributing to the development of the Bahá’í world in some small way.”

The Baha’i World Centre is the spiritual and admnistrative centre of the Baha’i Faith.

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