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Ismael Velasco exploring behaviour change through non-cognitive methods

UNITED KINGDOM –  Ismael is facilitating a workshop at Bristol School on storytelling as a means for resilience education – helping individuals face challenges. The workshop focuses on a play created for suicide prevention, that has been performed to 1700 people in 9 different countries.

He intends to provide youth from this locality who attended the London Youth Conference last September, an opportunity to share their work with their friends and give rise to a conversation on the existence of the spiritual dimension and how spirituality can be directed through service projects. This conference focused on methods for community building developed by the Ruhi Institute.

Ismael has recently completed a service for the International Red Cross in which he studied and measured the impact of values in the life of youth. This worked was done through Adora Foundation, which he founded, a launchpad for social innovation – that generates an inspirational vision, creative connection and transformational action on a global scale.

Evidence-based social innovation: We deliver programmes, projects and activities across a maximum diversity of thematic areas, populations and approaches. Bridging and interconnecting maximum diversity requires and leads to conceptual, practical and affective innovations.

A “do tank”

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