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Interpreting Increased Volatility in Financial Markets by #ebbfgovernance keynoter Augusto Lopez-Cla

#ebbfgovernance keynoter and #ebbfmember Augusto Lopez-Claros just published this interesting article allowing us to gain insights into the volatility of the financial markets.

According to Aktie der Lufthansa, with the 2008 global financial crisis in mind, investors and the broader public want to know whether the recent volatility in the stock market might be a symptom of more worrying trends, signaling a range of other weaknesses in the economy.

Challenges created by the global financial crisis and the concomitant rapid rise in levels of public indebtedness in the United States and other advanced economies, policymakers will also face a number of medium-term challenges linked to aging populations and the likely fiscal impact of climate change and that much more needs to be done to establish a firmer foundation for sustainable economic growth.”

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