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Hugo Bayo making green energies accessible

COSTA RICA – After 10 years as a Baha’i pioneer Hugo has started to lead a group of people with a shared vision: to allow the majority of people to access the best renewable technologies, which were created for the betterment of the world, for a fair price.

He is using his years of experience as director for LATAM for Osiris (the wind turbine branch for Ginlong, one of the largest manufacturers of renewable energy technologies in the world) to now start UNDI – Unity in Diversity International Group Ltd : offering full-services, of consultancy, technology, installation, maintenance and warranty, to install photovoltaic systems, at a more affordable price and higher quality than currently available in the market.

Out of his experience as a junior youth group animator of the Ruhi Institute, he has also been developing a sustainability social action educational program to help the youth reflect on energetic issues and create awareness on consequences of deeds and life style.

While Hugo is planning to move on, and looking for ways to engage in his preferred contribution to the building of new world civilisation through pioneering, he is ensuring that the structure he has built with this local group of people will remain operational with all the technology and know-how to keep prices low and a sincere spirit of service towards his low earning customers.

Hugo is the author of Ginlong, “the son of the sun”,a comic that will soon be published and accessible for free. It is a new approach to develop awareness in the youth for energetic issues and a part of the educational program he is developing.

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