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How to transition to a manager-less structure

This is a case study of a company who successfully managed to transitioning from a top-down to a values-driven manager-less structure.

The following case describes an initiative to explore the implications of the application of universal principles and values to aspects related to the operation of the ISCR company. Since the beginning of the project, ISCR has gone through different stages in which they have faced challenges that have required decisions, adjustments and changes that are offered for analysis and consultation.

The task has not been simple, but has generated many lessons with quite encouraging results so far. We hope that the analysis of this case offers a starting point on which many undertakings can be developed that successfully implement the principles in the management of organizations.


Watch the interview with the protagonists of this transformation: Jose Soto and Carlos Cordoba In the video they share what they learnt as they transitioned their company from a purely commercially driven entity to one that is now balancing spiritual and material goals.

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