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Hooshmand Badee meets with Nobel Prize Winner Professor Muhammad Yunus

 BANGLADESH – Hooshmand Badee had recently the opportunity to meet with Nobel Prize Winner Professor Muhammad Yunus during his stay in Bangladesh, as he attended a workshop on the theme of “Building peaceful and sustainable cities: Bangladesh in a global perspective”.

In this one hour meeting they discussed several mutual matters of interests in relation to the economy of Bangladesh, micro credit, and the role of education in poverty reduction. Professor Muhammad Yunus demonstrated to be a great supporter of human rights, gender equality and women empowerment. According to him, one of the reasons of poverty reduction in Bangladesh is the increasing enrolment of girls in schools. Hooshmand also shares from the meeting that “Professor Yunus was greatly concerned about the Bahá’is of Iran and in particular the abandoning of Bahá’i youths to higher education.” They also briefly discussed the activities of ebbf and the increasing interests shown to the principles of ebbf by business organisations.

Hoosmand Badee is an academic researcher in York St. John University on Economics, Globalisation, Development, Sustainability, and Poverty issues and tries to explore how the Teachings of the Bahá’i Faith enlighten these topics.

Professor Muhammad Yunus and Hooshmand Badee

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