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Global – Roxanna Dela Fiamor launched Humanly Sustainable

Roxanna Dela Fiamor

Roxanna Dela Fiamor

Roxanna recently launched a blog called “Humanly Sustainable” to explore the principles and values that are to guide us if we are to live more sustainable lives.

We can read in the opening of the first post of the blog “Sustainability starts with a simple gesture of goodwill.”

Roxana’s primary concern is the well-being of others, and she sees justice as the highest principle to be explored, reflected upon and applied in order to achieve this higher purpose. By getting involved in community-building activities that seek to empower individuals to take charge of their own development, she realized that justice is not only conceived and enforced by institutions, but also an aspiration to be strengthened in every individual and a principle to be upheld by every community of people. This quest for justice, pursued by exploring what sustainable living means for all the protagonists of change—individuals, communities and institutions—drove her to launch (or French version).

The aim of the blog is to also encourage many others to contribute—with everything from thoughtful comments to articles they have authored themselves—to work towards building of a common vision of what sustainable living is. If you are interested in contributing to Humanly Sustainable, contact Roxana at

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