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Global – Elisa Mallis using values to get … into space

ebbf member Elisa Mallis recently won the opportunity to fly into space, as part of an astronaut training project relating to the XCOR Space Expeditions. What struck us was how clearly she expressed her values and her way of applying spirituality even in this kind of workplace. You can read below just a few of the phrases she used in a longer interview she gave for the astronaut program.

“I believe that as more leaders take a truly global perspective we will finally be ‘solving for the world’ and we will have a real opportunity to tackle some of the biggest challenges that threaten our planet and our existence.” and “having worked and lived in 16 countries … I explored many cultures, religions and spiritual traditions. What I continuously noticed was that although there are so many differences, the similarities are astounding and in many ways more important … appreciating the many ways to nurture the human spirit in the workplace across all cultures and religions … creating in me a ‘one world’ perspective. You can read here the full interview introducing you to her current work, her future ambitious and the values that sustain her life.

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